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The Colorado Book Festival and Bonnie Brae Ice Cream have joined forces to celebrate the book festival by launching a
“Creamy Creation Contest.” Bonnie Brae has developed a new flavor for patrons to taste and determine the best name for
the creation.

Let Me Tell You the Story of a Word


The Colorado Book Festival planners conferred

They created a kickoff event about words

How words started, and how meanings blurred

Some fell out of fashion. No longer heard.


We know someone made up every word we say

So the Festival thought up a tasty way 

to bring a completely new word into play.

A new ice cream flavor!  So they called Bonnie Brae.    


Bob and Ken (the owners) invented a winter’s delight

That’s been sampled and tasted at many a site

Hundreds of names entered, meant to inspire and excite.

And now I’ll tell you the new word. I let it take flight…


Ah… but before I do….there are some other words to mention.

Most Whimsical: Unicorn’s Rocky Road by Lener


Most Difficult to Spell: Alphabetappetizing by Elle Malone


Most Romantic: How You Spell Love by Janita McGregor


Most Literary: Wordsworth by Mary K Jacobus

Most Poignant: Megan's Luck by Sarah (whose sister Megan just had a liver transplant. Megan is 27)


Winner: Red Rainforest by Piper Mc Fadden

Colorado Book Festival Creamy Creation Contest Sponsored by Bonnie Brae
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